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Desktop CNC Routers   These CNC Machines had been designed for versatility and best possible cost / performance ratio. They are rugged build and flexible design result in a broad application spectrum available to the user




Desktop CNC  Mills- A machine for every job and budget. Call us for special table sizes, motor options and configurations. Choose "Closed Loop" if repeatability is critical to machining process Choose "Open Loop" when less  critical. 


Cut 3DCAD / CAM Software; CAD / CAM  software for aiding the design and manufacturing process in specific sectors of the industry with a knowledge driven focus on Router & Mill. The specific sectors include the design and manufacturing using plastic, sheet wood, soft metals as a  production.

CNC CHUCKER LATHE Large cross slide table and 20 tool offsets allows turning with multiple tool programs. X and Z axes are driven with 135 oz/in servo motors and the spindle is driven by a powerful DC motor. Program control of spindle on, off, forward and reverse by 'M' codes. Spindle speed is controlled  from the program by use of the 'S' word. 


'Soldier Digital Sculptural Enlargement

CNC Projects: Soldier Digital Sculptural Enlargement This 9' foot tall soldier was enlarged for sculptor, Edd Hayes. As usual, the Marquette was scanned in parts. 
In this case, the torso and head were milled using the fourth axis on  CNC router.  The fourth axis mills like a lathe. After some assembly, the artist took the digitally enlarged EPS sculpture to Deep in the Heart Art Foundry where a layer of oil-based clay was added for the final sculpting.

Welding Thermoplastics Projects In this section we are intending to develop projects for  using thermo plastic, CNC Routers for cutting sheets , and torches for welding plastic, with this replacing expensive material like stainless steel for different industrial sectors.


Welding Metals Projects In this section we want to offer Projects using Metal products, using, forging, casting, welding, CNC plasma, CNC Laser, metal transforming , machining and all related metal production including structures. 


Hobby  For hobbyists and collectors, we pretend to offer design drawings that can be useful for hobbyist and  small manufacturer using desktop or small machines like CNC Mill or Routers, and to be processing in different  lines of production.


Mechatronic; We will work in this special area or technology, witch joint Mechanical,  Electrical and Electronic Projects, witch is one of the highest interest of our community, special in  developing automation and robotics products applicable in different areas of our sciences.  

Dear friend: The intention of this Web is become an interesting technical support not just for those who enjoy building for hobby or small manufacturer, but also for young people that need to develop their abilities.

Notes:  For the projects  showing, please ask for details and delivery time some of then are not finish yet.  Many parts of this Web are under constant renovation and up-grade





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